What do you remember about the Cruisin Mag in your youth? Probably it was a simple brown paper bag with a light-up feature inside that lit up at night and made the bag dance. It was a simple toy and probably never caught on as a toy, but it was fun. As you get older, the idea of a plastic bag with a light-up feature just won’t seem that appealing to you, but Cruisin has been able to make something new and improved with their newest line of toys.

If you are looking for a simple toy to play with at a children’s party or on the weekends, then the Cruisin mag is the type that is just right for you. This plastic bag is made out of all plastic and does not come with a lanyard, so it is perfect for just having around. These bags are just great for kids to play with because they don’t take up much space, and they come in all colors. The brown paper bag comes in green, blue, yellow, and many other colors as well.

Children love to put their plastic bag to the bottom of the bath tub and let it soak in the warm water while they are using it. This is something that they do not want to do with any other plastic bag. The Cruisin Mag also comes with a soft rubber band that helps keep the bag from sliding all over the place when a child takes a bath with it. It can easily get messy and you can avoid this by purchasing a soft towel to use to wipe the mess up. Some of the other bags that come with this feature are not nearly as nice to look at as the Mag.

If you are attending a children’s party and are trying to make it memorable, you can make a Cruisin Mag out of a small red bag. With a little bit of paint and a few crayons, you can make the bag look like a real Cruisin bag and add some stickers to it to make it look even more like the real thing. You can even have the child write something on it to make it unique or to make the bag look even more unique. If you don’t have any red items that you can use, then you can purchase a pink or purple one that looks just like it.

If you want to create a theme for your child’s birthday party, then a plastic bag is the way to go. It can be decorated in almost anything, as long as it has the right paint and a few different stickers. Once you buy the bag, you can get the same bag personalized to make the birthday boy or girl’s room look really cool and unique. For example, if you want to give them a red bag with a smiley face on it, then you can make sure to order the name of the birthday boy or girl on it.

As mentioned before, these bags are not something that will catch on as much as a regular plastic bag. However, they are a great addition to a children’s party or as a surprise gift. You just have to remember that it’s going to be a small toy, but it can still make a nice touch.