Vol.6 March 10 will be released !!
Cruisin ‘separate

Now becoming one of the genre a ’80s style. Precious photos and a monitor at the time, will feature a mini track of new born new sensation. In addition, full-size truck featured, such as the Detroit show full report lots. Please feel the world of mini-truck that momentum does not stop.
Price: 1000 yen (tax included)
T-shirts, stearyl
Kka also on sale!

Think about ’80s
D21 Special vol.2
2004 Detroit show track is hot

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· Order to bookstore
If you want to order in the bookstore, please tell the “hope the Truck Trends Vol.006 of field publication of March 10 release”.

– Order by mail transfer
Please order directly by telephone or e-mail in the field publishing. The journal fee in the case of postal transfer + postage (1 book = 200 yen, more than two books = 400 yen) is required. For more information please contact us.

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Please order directly by telephone or e-mail in the field publishing. The journal fee in case of cash on delivery + postage (1 book = 200 yen, more than two books = 400 yen) + cash-on-delivery commission is required. For more information, please contact us.
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From Cruisin ‘editorial department
Special issue launch of interior relationship

Interior boom that has continued for the past few years. Is human and multilingual Ino, which are summarized in the furniture of the mid-century system? Cruisin was released S’perb as extra number of ‘! (Superb) it is, it is a book that has been structured around a modern design. Representative specific designer of mid-century, also George Nelson of the story have been published. Other, Europe’s three major modern (Italy, France, Northern Europe) has become what can be firmly study. People who are interested in interior, let us by all means through the eye.

■ Contact field publication 03-3373-4866

Truck Trends Official Goods
Sale of the original T-shirts and stickers of Truck Trends! !

To commemorate the Truck Trends Vol.002, it was produced the original T-shirts and stickers.

T-shirt is a white / black print, in the chest put a Truck Trends of the logo, on the back designed the illustrations by Mr. Wildman Ishii. It is the first place to tell hilarious California atmosphere. Size M and L. Price has become a 2000 yen (including postage-one).

In addition, stickers yellow logo is designed to clear, and even brings out your car. Size W160 × H35. Price has become a 300 yen (including postage-one).

How to buy items

In the case of sticker only
Enclose a stamp of hope number × 300 yen, please send specify your shipping address to the following.
In the case of T-shirt
Please send 2,000 yen hope sheets number × in cash sent by registered mail to the following. In that case, please indicate the size of the hope and shipping destination. Even if you wish to both T-shirts and stickers, please procedure in cash registered mail.
It should be noted that, since the T-shirts and stickers are limited quantities, in the case of out of stock we will refund the amount obtained by subtracting the return fee. Therefore, if you can confirm the presence or absence of Sai stock of your order by phone, you can take the necessary procedure smoothly.
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