This Cruisin Mag review will be focusing on the new model that was released last year, the Cruisin Mag Rodeo. While there were some negative reviews about this car, the reviews were mostly positive and people loved it. If you are a fan of cruises and want to try out a new model then this review is for you.

The car is an eight speed automatic and was built in Italy. It has a black exterior with silver trim and a blue interior. This model is only one hundred eighty-two pounds, which is very light in weight for a cruise car.

With the new Mag Rodeo model, Cruisin has added a lot of features and luxury for their customers. The steering wheel makes adjustments easier and the remote can be used to adjust the volume of music playing on the radio while cruising.

The new Mag Rodeo comes standard with the Cruise Control, the Cruise Speed knob, audio system, CD changer, a navigation system, a six-CD changer, a three year warranty and a six month warranty. If you are not a regular cruiser or you do not cruise often then you may want to get the deluxe package. This package includes leather seats, a sunroof, a headrest and steering wheel cover. These extras make the car look better.

There are also four speakers with a subwoofer on the top to give you a great ride on the open road. Also you will find that it comes with six DVD players that can play your movies in the background when cruising.

Overall the Cruisin Mag Rodeo is a good car that offers lots of great features at a price that is affordable to most people. If you like cruises but do not like to have to pay a lot then this is a good car for you.

The last year that Cruisin released a Cruisin Mag Rodeo was in 2020. It was a very nice car for a very reasonable price. Even the car did not sell very well and was discontinued after that year.

Cruisin will have a new Rodeo this year and will probably make it easier for people to find them because of the new name. There will be competition for cruises and this could make the price go up even more. You can look online for more information about this great car.

So, if you are a fan of Cruisin and would like a very nice and affordable cruise car then the Cruisin Mag Rodeo might be a good choice for you. If you cruise often then you should consider getting this car because of all of the great features it has.